- When did the group, started?


- Do they have tumblr?

Kellin does, Jack does, and Gabe! 

- How many Albums they released?

1st Album: With Ears to see & Eyes to Hear.

2nd Album: Let’s Cheers to this.

& the E.P acoustic album. 

- What happened to Brandon? Why’d he get kicked out?

He wasn’t kicked out, he decided to leave because he wanted to do different things with his music. Basically creative differences.

                                           Kellin Quinn:

Birthday/Age:  His birthday is April 24, 1986 & 26 years old.

When did Kellin meet katelynn? age 23. 

Where does Kellin live? Medford, OR.

Does he have any siblings? Yes, a sister & 2 brothers. His sister’s twitter is here.

Alright, any questions about him ask me. But here’s more information about Kellin. Before, sleeping with sirens, he had his own band named “Closer 2 Closure” & idk what happened but now he’s in Sleeping with Sirens. Kellin Quinn’s sleeve tattoo is a meaning of no matter how life is shitty, you can create your own destiny and if there’s something awful in this world, you can do it and believe in yourself. Kellin Quinn is 5’8. He loves nachos, starbucks, peanut butter and m&m’s, icecream and big macs. His favorite band is copeland and that’s probably why he named his daughter, copeland, i’m not sure though.

                                               Justin Hills:


                                                  Jack  Fowler:


                                               Gabe Barham:


                                            Jesse Lawson: